Woven beautifully imperfect and emotionally true.
Stories have become the fabric of our existence.
When shared they reveal a part of the human soul.
4N Pictures unites personal story with cinematic art
to tell stories that change lives.




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Estamos Juntos Meets 9News

March 4

Mark’s story was featured on Colorado’s local news station. Check it out: 9News

Estamos Juntos takes over Instagram

February 28

Pura Vida brings #whatmovesyou to Instagram.


Speaking Event: University of Denver

February 18

Had the pleasure of giving a presentation to an Activist Media class.

The focus of the presentation was how single personal stories can make great impacts in society.

After the presentation we watched Badge# P95081 and the Tania Monarca Trailer.

Estamos Juntos featured on Water For People

February 15

Estamos Juntos (we are together)​ was featured on the homepage of Water for People, a local non profit centered around bringing clean water to the world.

The video was showcased to encourage people to start their own fundraiser.

Nakba by Remi Kanazi featured on Electronic Intifada

May 15

Nakba by Remi Kanazi featured story on  Electronic Intifada

  Rami- my Brother those were words that spoke to the heart. Wow. Tears run from my eyes as I write.

 Wow! That touched me, Remi. I’ve recently heard the horrific stories of my parents fleeing Jerusalem in April of 1948 – when my mother was pregnant with me. Thank you for this poignant poem.


BADGE# P95081 wins best documentary CFS

May 9

Badge# P95081 was screened at Harkins Theaters in Aurora Colorado May 2013.

The documentary was nominated for Best Picture and took home Best Documentary for Colorado Film School’s 2013 annual student show.

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